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  • My first visit to Dr. Branam’s office was preceded by visits to three other orthopedic specialists. Those experiences were unsatisfying because it seemed I could not receive a direct solution for the severe pain in my right knee. Each physician offered “Let’s try this, and let’s try that” treatment scenarios that ranged from injections to stem cell therapy that could cost me $20,000 (not covered by my insurance plan). None offered a guarantee that my knee would be “fixed,” and my pain eliminated.

    From day one, Dr. Branam was straightforward about what had to be done to take care of the problem. My knee could not be fixed. It had to be replaced. I didn’t want surgery, but knew it was the only sensible solution, and agreed to move forward with it.

    My surgery went well as far as replacing the knee. The problem was the aftermath. I did not react well to the anesthesia administered during surgery, nor was I able to participate in the physical therapy that must begin within 24 hours of the surgery’s completion. These problems severely impacted my recovery time, and progress was slower than anticipated. The most important thing, however, is that progress was made (and continues).

    During my last follow-up visit to Dr. Branam’ office, he asked me if, given the choice, I would again elect to have knee replacement surgery. I said, “No.” That, however, is no longer true. I am glad I had the surgery and would do it again. My knee feels better every day, and my range of motion is still improving. I have no knee pain, and I am once again able to walk, climb stairs, and fully participate in my life.

    Thank you, Dr. Branum. You did a great job replacing my knee, and your staff (especially Nick Reist) always provided the care, counsel and professionalism that were important to making me feel comfortable and optimistic about meeting challenges and getting back to my life as I knew it before my journey to knee replacement surgery began.

    By - Carolyn S M
  • In the summer of 2015, Dr. Branam did surgery on my left shoulder : rotator cuff, tendons, bicep release and cleaned up some arthritis. I was really impressed with not only his professionalism but also his no nonsense approach - matter of fact and right to the point – to my needs. I was also touched with his kindness and dedication and understanding of the situation. He gave no false hopes with me being perfect after surgery. He explained that with physical therapy and hard work on my part I would be near whole again. It worked!

    Unfortunately for me in January 2017, I had the same complications with my right shoulder. He worked what I call ‘his magic’ again. Never led me to believe that my situation again would be anything other. In June 2017, I had surgery on my right shoulder. I am mobile again and I look forward to the same recovery as before.

    Dr. Branam is not only excellent at this job, but is also a fine human being with integrity whom I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands, of his patients are very grateful for.

    I’ll always be thankful for his skills as a surgeon, and his humanity as a fine doctor.

    Also for not putting me on medications – patting me on the head and saying "there, there ...everything will be fine”.

    Thank you, Dr. Branam, and “Who's better than you?!"

    I’d also like to thank the staff of nurses and other doctors – staff of the surgery team – even down to the people who answer the phones – they were all so professional and polite.

    By - Carl S
  • In February 2017 I went to Dr. Branam for an extremely sore and hurting shoulder that I had hurt when loading my truck.  I was not able to get any sleep and was taking many pain pills.  After review, study, and tests of the shoulder, surgery was scheduled for March 8th.  Dr. Branam did a rebuild of the shoulder and I was sent for Therapy for several weeks. He and his staff kept a close eye on my progress and adjusted the therapy as I progressed.  It is now June, I am using my arm and shoulder every day without pain.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the surgery, how nice everyone was to work with, and the total care I received from Dr. Branam, Nick, and other staff members and the Nove Care staff.  Thank you all! 

    By - George
  • Dr. Branam performed a total knee replacement on my left knee at UC Health Westchester Hospital. He and his physician assistant Nick were very informative about the procedure as to what to expect prior to surgery, during surgery, and following surgery. They answered all of my questions and concerns about their method and procedure. I had previous knee replacement on the right knee by another surgeon and at a different hospital that I was not happy with. It was great to wake up with a drain in my knee to drain fluids to keep the knee from swelling out of control. I was able to get up and move around the next morning with very little pain and less meds than the other knee surgery. I was able to straighten my knee and bend back 109 degrees the morning after surgery. My experience at UC Health Westchester Hospital was awesome and everyone was kind and helpful from the time I checked in until I left three days later. Nursing staff was the best I have ever experienced. Food menu was like being in a four-star hotel, ordering from large menu and you get to call it in when you are hungry. Totally the best experience from Dr. Branam, Nick and the entire hospital staff!

    By - Ken
  • I have been blessed to receive excellent care from Dr. Barton Branam for the past 2 years. I was under his gentle care for two knee surgeries and multiple follow-up appointments. I found Dr. Branam to be very open in his communication and explanations when facing big medical decisions and his compassionate presence allowed me the reassurance that I was in the best place to face my medical journey. Throughout this time his staff were caring and attentive to my needs and I found that the relationship that Dr. Branam has with Novacare allowed a smooth transition from surgery to rehab. I trusted that my "new knee" was in the gentlest of hands. Thank you Dr. Branam - not that I want to see you soon but when I am in need of orthopedic care, you'll be the man to call!

    By - Nan
  • “Dr. Branam operated on my left shoulder in April of 2013 and my right shoulder in February of 2016. I’m extremely pleased with both surgeries and blessed that Dr. Branam is my surgeon. Physical therapy was tough but very much worth it. I am so grateful and would recommend him to anyone!”

    By - Shirley
  • “Dr. Branam did my Right Knee Replacement in January of 2016 and my Left Knee Replacement in March of 2016. He is wonderful and I have nothing but great things to say about him. The West Chester Hospital where he did my surgeries is an extremely nice facility and the staff there is great! Amazing surgeon!”

    By - Gertrude
  • “My experience with UC Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has been nothing short of outstanding. From the moment of my first appointment on August 8, 2016 until my last appointment on September 26, 2016 I knew I was in the hands of professional, experienced, and kind people. Everyone from Dr. Branam and Nick Reist, PA-C to the receptionist was dedicated to my care. My right knee was in very bad shape. I could barely walk and had a great deal of pain. I work as a school substitute and was worried due to the school year starting. Dr. Branam and his staff were wonderfully understanding. I was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. It could not have gone better. The hospital was great and I was visited by Dr. Branam and Nick while there. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but they were so encouraging! I then started PT in the hospital and home therapy at my sister’s. My recovery was very speedy. I was back in the classroom by September 12, 2016 and have been teaching full time ever since! In addition to that, I have been hiking several times a week and have been riding my bike 10-12 miles every weekend for the last 3 weeks. My knee feels great and I feel like I have my life back!!! I had very little pain shortly after surgery and have not had any since! I went to UC Health and Dr. Branam because they were in my insurance plan. But after this very positive experience with Dr. Branam and staff, I will NEVER go anywhere else!”

    By - Paula
  • “I would like everyone to know about my recent experience with Dr. Branam and his physician assistant Nick. On October 25th, I had a total knee replacement. It was a total success. Before I had the surgery I became very inactive. The pain kept me from many things but, most importantly, my own TV. Since the TV is located on the lower level of my bi-level home, I did not want to tackle the steps. I am 6 weeks out from my surgery now and feel like a new person. I have gone to Christmas walks and shopping and I’m about to travel to visit grandchildren out of state. I also have resumed my relationship with my night-time TV shows. For those of you thinking about putting off knee replacement surgery, I suggest you visit these two fine gentlemen. They work so well together. They take the time to meet with you and tell you what to expect so that there are no surprises. Besides being the best of doctors, they are just plain nice guys. I am sure I thanked them a dozen times for relieving my pain and for my new knee. I am sure you will have the same kind of experience. As a bonus, I have already lost 10 lbs. since surgery. Hurrah for the good UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine doctors!”

    By - Jane
  • “Dr. Branam performed a total knee replacement on my right knee on July 19th at West Chester Hospital. He did a great job. My recovery has been very good and my knee feels great. I appreciated his advice and checking on my knee before the surgery. Dr. Branam is very friendly and has a good sense of humor too! I strongly recommend Dr. Branam to anyone who is looking for an orthopedic surgeon. His staff is also very competent. I want to acknowledge his physician assistant Nick as well as the surgery scheduler Becca for their help. Thanks to all of you!”

    By - Vasant
  • “I was involved in a bicycle accident and suffered pretty major shoulder injuries as a result. Several full tears, a dislocated bicep, and a fractured scapula. Dr. Branam and the UC Health team came very highly recommended and I decided to go with him and his team to handle my shoulder repairs. Once this decision was made, surgery was scheduled very quickly. Dr. Branam and his team did an outstanding job explaining the surgery, the options, and what to expect with the recovery plan. Everything went exactly as explained and as expected; the surgery was smooth and very successful, and the recovery plan with his physician assistant Nick Reist along with the NovaCare physical therapy team (Heidi, Lauren, Margaret, and Heidi) went very well also. Everyone involved was kind, caring, very professional and very knowledgeable on the best treatment plan and adjusting it to my specific personal needs and agenda. My recovery went better than planned and I was able to return to my activities with no restrictions sooner than expected. I strongly recommend Dr. Branam and his team, given all my concerns regarding my injuries, they did an outstanding job in all aspects of my treatment and it was a pleasure working with all of them!”

    By - Robert
  • “I want to say thank you to my doctors who performed my rotator cuff surgery on Wednesday, 2/1/17. One week prior to surgery, I came to these two guys for help and in great pain after 15 months of missed diagnoses and injury upon injury. Today, my surgery is complete. I am showered, dressed, on my feet, and haven’t had pain medication for 24 hours. My wounds are healing and my physical therapy begins next week at NovaCare. My injury pain is gone, my shoulder has been restored, and I could not be more grateful to these two gifted healers: Dr. Barton Branam, his physician assistant Nick Reist, and the whole team at UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. If you need orthopaedic surgery or you’re living with pain, you don’t have to. There is a solution that will improve your quality of life. Choose UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. I’m not a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. I’m a mom and grandma who can now hug her grandchildren pain-free. Thank you from this grateful granny with a new bionic shoulder. Woot! Woot!”

    By - Peggy
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Branam for anyone requiring orthopaedic surgery. I am an avid runner and mother of four young, active children. I sustained a near-complete hamstring avulsion due to a water skiing accident. In order to continue my active lifestyle for years to come, surgery was recommended. It was challenging finding a surgeon with experience in repairing this type of injury. I was fortunate to find Dr. Branam, who demonstrated the confidence I was looking for. Dr. Branam performed outpatient surgery to reattach my hamstring complex to my pelvis bone. Four weeks in a brace and two months of physical therapy followed (thank you Michelle and Trisha from NovaCare!), all the while being closely monitored by Dr. Branam. I am currently five months post-op and am happily back to running! I am extremely pleased with the results and thankful for finding Dr. Branam and the professional, friendly staff at UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine!”

    By - Erin
  • “The thought of knee replacement was overwhelming me to me. It wasn’t until Dr. Branam looked at me and said ‘At this point, I am here for your quality of life. You meet all of the criteria but you need to tell me when you are ready’. I took some time to think things over and it didn’t take me long to realize that while I was still very blessed, my knee pain was truly limiting my quality of life far more that I wanted. I couldn’t do many of things that I enjoyed without pain, especially playing golf. My total left knee replacement surgery took place on 12/6/16 at West Chester Hospital. The overall care I received at the hospital was second to none. Once I left the hospital, there was some pain (which was generally managed well by the pain medications) and plenty of exercises to be done at home which certainly weren’t the highlight of any given day. However, at my two week post-op visit, I was able to shed the walker and could already extend my knee to a decent point and bend it 90 degrees! My team at Drake Rehab in West Chester, Jamilia and Mike, were incredible! Their attentiveness to detail and willingness to truly listen to my needs were invaluable in my overall rehabilitation process.

    Today was my final post op visit, exactly three months from the date of surgery. Amazingly enough, two weeks prior to today, I walked a nine-hole par 3 golf course and almost had a hole-in-one! If you are a golfer, you surely appreciate how amazing this was! Quite a few people that I share my knee replacement experience with are simply in awe of the experience and my recovery. This life-changing process would not be possible without the expertise of Dr. Branam, for which I will always be grateful!!! I have been asked multiple times, ‘Would you do it again, knowing what you know now?’ My answer is unequivocally…YES, only IF Dr. Branam is doing the surgery! I would also be remiss if I didn’t offer a special thank you to Nick Reist, PA-C, for all that he has done, as well as the many other team members at Dr. Branam’s West Chester location. They are truly an amazing and talented team led by Dr. Branam’s expertise. Everything they do is done with you and your desires/goals, as the individual patient, in the forefront.

    I can’t wait until the warm weather is here to stay so that I can truly enjoy playing golf, gardening, and exercising pain-free…my definition of a truly improved quality of life!!”

    By - Terri
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