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    Comments: “The thought of knee replacement was overwhelming me to me. It wasn’t until Dr. Branam looked at me and said ‘At this point, I am here for your quality of life. You meet all of the criteria but you need to tell me when you are ready’. I took some time to think things over and it didn’t take me long to realize that while I was still very blessed, my knee pain was truly limiting my quality of life far more that I wanted. I couldn’t do many of things that I enjoyed without pain, especially playing golf. My total left knee replacement surgery took place on 12/6/16 at West Chester Hospital. The overall care I received at the hospital was second to none. Once I left the hospital, there was some pain (which was generally managed well by the pain medications) and plenty of exercises to be done at home which certainly weren’t the highlight of any given day. However, at my two week post-op visit, I was able to shed the walker and could already extend my knee to a decent point and bend it 90 degrees! My team at Drake Rehab in West Chester, Jamilia and Mike, were incredible! Their attentiveness to detail and willingness to truly listen to my needs were invaluable in my overall rehabilitation process.

    Today was my final post op visit, exactly three months from the date of surgery. Amazingly enough, two weeks prior to today, I walked a nine-hole par 3 golf course and almost had a hole-in-one! If you are a golfer, you surely appreciate how amazing this was! Quite a few people that I share my knee replacement experience with are simply in awe of the experience and my recovery. This life-changing process would not be possible without the expertise of Dr. Branam, for which I will always be grateful!!! I have been asked multiple times, ‘Would you do it again, knowing what you know now?’ My answer is unequivocally…YES, only IF Dr. Branam is doing the surgery! I would also be remiss if I didn’t offer a special thank you to Nick Reist, PA-C, for all that he has done, as well as the many other team members at Dr. Branam’s West Chester location. They are truly an amazing and talented team led by Dr. Branam’s expertise. Everything they do is done with you and your desires/goals, as the individual patient, in the forefront.

    I can’t wait until the warm weather is here to stay so that I can truly enjoy playing golf, gardening, and exercising pain-free…my definition of a truly improved quality of life!!”