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    Comments: “I highly recommend Dr. Branam for anyone requiring orthopaedic surgery. I am an avid runner and mother of four young, active children. I sustained a near-complete hamstring avulsion due to a water skiing accident. In order to continue my active lifestyle for years to come, surgery was recommended. It was challenging finding a surgeon with experience in repairing this type of injury. I was fortunate to find Dr. Branam, who demonstrated the confidence I was looking for. Dr. Branam performed outpatient surgery to reattach my hamstring complex to my pelvis bone. Four weeks in a brace and two months of physical therapy followed (thank you Michelle and Trisha from NovaCare!), all the while being closely monitored by Dr. Branam. I am currently five months post-op and am happily back to running! I am extremely pleased with the results and thankful for finding Dr. Branam and the professional, friendly staff at UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine!”