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    Comments: “I was involved in a bicycle accident and suffered pretty major shoulder injuries as a result. Several full tears, a dislocated bicep, and a fractured scapula. Dr. Branam and the UC Health team came very highly recommended and I decided to go with him and his team to handle my shoulder repairs. Once this decision was made, surgery was scheduled very quickly. Dr. Branam and his team did an outstanding job explaining the surgery, the options, and what to expect with the recovery plan. Everything went exactly as explained and as expected; the surgery was smooth and very successful, and the recovery plan with his physician assistant Nick Reist along with the NovaCare physical therapy team (Heidi, Lauren, Margaret, and Heidi) went very well also. Everyone involved was kind, caring, very professional and very knowledgeable on the best treatment plan and adjusting it to my specific personal needs and agenda. My recovery went better than planned and I was able to return to my activities with no restrictions sooner than expected. I strongly recommend Dr. Branam and his team, given all my concerns regarding my injuries, they did an outstanding job in all aspects of my treatment and it was a pleasure working with all of them!”