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    Comments: “I would like everyone to know about my recent experience with Dr. Branam and his physician assistant Nick. On October 25th, I had a total knee replacement. It was a total success. Before I had the surgery I became very inactive. The pain kept me from many things but, most importantly, my own TV. Since the TV is located on the lower level of my bi-level home, I did not want to tackle the steps. I am 6 weeks out from my surgery now and feel like a new person. I have gone to Christmas walks and shopping and I’m about to travel to visit grandchildren out of state. I also have resumed my relationship with my night-time TV shows. For those of you thinking about putting off knee replacement surgery, I suggest you visit these two fine gentlemen. They work so well together. They take the time to meet with you and tell you what to expect so that there are no surprises. Besides being the best of doctors, they are just plain nice guys. I am sure I thanked them a dozen times for relieving my pain and for my new knee. I am sure you will have the same kind of experience. As a bonus, I have already lost 10 lbs. since surgery. Hurrah for the good UC Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine doctors!”